NMR SW2 curriculum is based on The Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E. 2551, which is aimed at the full development of learners in all respects morality, wisdom, happiness, and potentiality for further education and livelihood.
          The following goals have consequently been set for achievement upon completing basic education:
          1. Morality, ethics, desirable values, self-esteem, self-discipline, observance of Buddhist teachings or those of one’s faith, and guiding principles of Sufficiency Economy;
          2. Knowledge and skills for communication, thinking, problem-solving, technological know-how, and life skills;
          3. Good physical and mental health, hygiene, and preference for physical exercise;
          4. Patriotism, awareness of responsibilities and commitment as Thai citizens and members of the world community, and adherence to a democratic way of life and form of government under constitutional monarchy; and
          5. Awareness of the need to preserve all aspects of Thai culture and Thai wisdom, protection and conservation of the environment, and public-mindedness with dedication to public service for peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

Learners’ Key Competencies
          The Basic Education Core Curriculum is aimed at inculcating among learners the following five key competencies:
1. Communication Capacity
          Capacity to receive and transmit information;     
2. Thinking Capacity
          Capacity for analytical, synthetic, constructive, critical and systematic thinking.
3. Problem Solving Capacity
           Capacity to properly eliminate problems and obstacles; ability to seek and apply knowledge to prevent and solve problems; and ability for judicious decision-making.
4. Capacity for Applying Life Skills
           Capacity for applying various processes in daily life; self-learning; continuous learning; working; and social harmony.
5. Capacity for Technological Application
           Ability to choose and apply different technologies.

Desirable Characteristics
           The Basic Education Core Curriculum focuses on learners’ development for attainment of the following desirable characteristics, enabling learners to enjoy a life of harmony among others as Thai citizens and global citizens:

  1. Love of nation, religion and king
  2. Honesty and integrity
  3. Self-discipline
  4. Avidity for learning
  5. Observance of principles of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in one’s way of life
  6. Dedication and commitment to work
  7. Cherishing Thai-ness
  8. Public-mindedness

Learning Standards
The Curriculum has therefore prescribed the following eight learning areas:

  1. Thai Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Social Studies, Religion and Culture
  5. Health and Physical Education
  6. Arts
  7. Occupations and Technology
  8. Foreign Languages